Paid for by David Hernandez for Lt. Governor 2018 ID# 1396634

Paid for by David Hernandez for Lt. Governor 2018 ID# 1396634


"Make California Great Again"

David Hernandez

for Lt. Governor

I am an American who values and pledges to honor and defend the Constitutional Rights guaranteed to Citizens of the United States of America.

As a resident of California, I pledge to honor and defend the Constitution of the State of California.

I am a Christian and Conservative Republican with values which align themselves accordingly. I fully support Freedom of Religion and will fight all attempts to limit the free expression thereof.

I believe in the Free Enterprise System and I am against taxes, fees and regulations which hinder the practice thereof and drive businesses out of California.

I will fight to repeal SB1 the Gasoline and Vehicle Registration Tax.

I value and pledge to support Proposition 13 and will fight to keep it in tact and oppose any effort to divide it between commercial and residential.

Public Safety is a priority and will work to repeal and or reform Prop 47, Prop 57 and AB109 which have resulted in dramatic increase in crime and created thousands of Victims.

I believe in the rule of law and believe for us to have equal protection under the Law, you must have equal enforcement under the law.

I believe we have a duty to the residents of California to honor and enforce the Immigration Laws and Policies of the United States.

I fully support Border Security including the building of a wall to restrict illegal entry, drug and human trafficking. I oppose my opponents Bill, SB54 the Sanctuary State Bill.

I fully oppose spending Taxpayer funds to defend illegal alien criminals against deportation.

I fully support the 2nd Amendment and as gun owner will oppose the legislation trend in California to restrict our rights.

I believe in Parental Rights and will continue to fight to repeal SB277 and all attempts to limit the rights of Parents especially when it comes to the health and education of their Children,

David Hernandez, Candidate for Lt. Governor 2018 

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